Are properties from the Post-Bankruptcy Report different from other properties? Do I have to do something different to buy them?


Post-Bankruptcy Report (PBR) properties are, in essence, PRE-PRE-foreclosures. Depending on how quickly a Seller responds to your marketing piece, you could easily have at least two to four months before the foreclosure process even starts, which is plenty of time to get the deal done! That brings us to one of the big differences in PBR leads vs. other leads you may find ... you get a critical time advantage over all the foreclosure investors! Why be one of the thousands of investors in your area chasing foreclosures when you could get to hundreds of these Sellers before the masses start marketing to them?

Any other differences? First, no one else knows about these leads. That's a huge benefit ... your competition is minimal!! Second, because of the secrets we've discovered about digging deep in the public records for these leads, you may be talking to Sellers while their bankruptcy is still active. Please don't be intimidated by that fact! This is where you have the opportunity to really set yourself apart from (and above) all the other investors out there. You only need to get comfortable with the bankruptcy terminology and process. We simplify everything (including the paperwork) for you and have all the step-by-step details you need to be successful!

Beyond these differences, PBR leads will bring you the same variety of purchasing opportunities. You'll find homes with plenty of equity that you can purchase "as usual." You'll also find Subject-To deals. Subject-To purchases are where you buy the house 'subject-to' the existing mortgage. This is our favorite way to purchase a home! YOU are now the property owner, and YOU start making the monthly payments on the loan, but the Seller's loan stays in place. This is a valuable strategy when you like the terms of the existing loan and/or don't want to have to come up with your own cash or a new loan to purchase the property.

Finally, you'll also have opportunities to negotiate Short Sales with these very motivated lenders! Short Sales are deals where the Seller (the bankruptcy filer) owes more to his/her lenders than the house is worth ... or even just more than you want to pay for it to be a good deal. So, you negotiate with the lender to accept less than what the lender is owed (to save them from losing even more money by going through foreclosure and potentially owning the property). You end up buying the house at a nice discount, the Seller avoids a foreclosure on his/her credit, and the lender is thrilled to be rid of this non-performing note (aka: headache)! It's a "win-win-win!" . This is another unique quality of the PBR leads - MANY of them have EXTREMELY motivated mortgage companies. Think about it, often times these mortgage companies have had non-performing loans on their books for months ... even YEARS. And we all know how badly the mortgage companies want to rid themselves of bad debt!!! With the risk of extending this bad debt on their books for even longer due to the bankruptcy, many mortgage companies are willing to come to the table and negotiate when they were previously not willing to do so.

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