Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: How much is your Report service?

A: Your Trial Month is just $3.99. As soon as you order your Trial Month, you will automatically receive the most recent Report. We send you this so you can immediately see what you will be receiving. Therefore, you can get your mail merge and direct marketing systems set up and be "ready to roll" when your first "fresh" Report arrives!

All reports renew 30 days from the day you subscribe. The Gold Report renews for $39.95. The Platinum Report renews for $149.95. Neither Report requires a long-term commitment. We want happy customers so you can start and stop your subscription any time you like. 

Q: When do I get my Report?
A: If you are a Platinum Subscriber, you will receive your Report on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you are a Gold Subscriber, you will receive your Report on the 1st of the month. The Report is guaranteed to come to you electronically by the end of the business day, even on weekends and holidays.
Q: Who's on your list?? OR What kind of leads do you teach me how to find in my area (since you don't offer a Report in my area)?

A: The people on our list are NOT people who have just filed for bankruptcy. Recent "filers" are breathing a sigh of relief and are NOT motivated sellers because they have just secured the protection of the Bankruptcy Court from their creditors.

The people we put on our list are what we call "problem children." We dig DEEPLY through the public bankruptcy records. We're looking for a variety of filings, motions, or other activity on their account that indicates to us that they are NOT meeting their obligations to the Bankruptcy Court. We know that approximately 95% of the time, they will not be able to recover from these situations, which means they are either in the process of or have just lost their bankruptcy protection.

From the perspective of a real estate investor, that means the houses involved in these situations will soon be out from under bankruptcy protection and back in the foreclosure process. We've found that when someone shows up on our list, they are approximately two to four months from either showing up on a foreclosure list or their foreclosure resuming ... which means you have a significant advantage over those folks working foreclosures! The timing just depends on how quickly the mortgage company moves the file from their bankruptcy department into their foreclosure department.

Soooo, absolutely YES, these folks are motivated sellers. Send your mailings to the areas you want to "farm," market to a significant number of people (it's still a numbers game), and do so diligently and regularly and you will have amazing results.

If you have questions about what to do with our list and how to figure out your options for purchasing a given property, you may want to consider our Quick Start Guide. And if you have questions about how the bankruptcy process works (or at least the things you need to know as an investor buying a house), then please consider our course, Turning Bankruptcies Into Gold.

Q: Why are the people on your Report motivated to sell?
A: The people who appear on our Report are LOSING their bankruptcy protection, so they are REALLY starting to "feel the heat" because their mortgage company will soon be proceeding with the foreclosure process. The primary motivation for the Seller is the pending foreclosure. A bad bankruptcy on your credit is one thing, but a foreclosure will pretty much eliminate any chance you have of buying another home for the next 7 - 10 years!
Q: Why would someone sign over the deed to their home?
A: The motivation for a homeowner to sign over the deed (assuming it's the type of deal that you would request that) is to gain your commitment of time and resources to move forward. The REAL reason you want the deed (again, if it's the type of deal that makes that reasonable) is so YOU know that the Seller is committed to working with YOU. We recommend that the deed is held in an escrow account with your local attorney or title company.
Q: Does someone ever show up twice on your list or are they all NEW leads each month?

A: There are a couple of things that put someone on our Report and, over a period of time, a debtor can end up on the Report for more than one reason. When we create our Gold Report each month (a combination of the two previous Platinum Reports), we can see any duplications and we eliminate them. Typically, it's only a handful, so it's not significant.

In the event someone ends up on the Report twice, but not in the same month, (in Feb and June, for example), we believe this is a good thing, because it essentially means they are REALLY having trouble with their BK and it prompts you to do another mailing to them. You just never know when they are most receptive to getting your message and offer of assistance.

Q: Included in the leads are usually a few with addresses outside of the Report area. Are these included by mistake, or are they are out of town owners who have filed bankruptcy here?
A: Most likely, they are folks who live in one of the counties covered by your Report, but own property outside of that area. As you mentioned, it is also possible that they moved recently, but their house has not yet been sold.
Q: Do all your leads include people with ownership of real estate? Some have apartment type addresses which may indicate otherwise (or they may simply have moved out of their former home).
A: We "scrub" our list as much as possible ... that is, we look in each file to make sure there is a mortgage company or mortgage lender listed as a creditor. Based on our experience, we believe 95% - 98% of our leads own real estate. And you're right about the situation with apartment addresses ... many people abandon their homes either believing they have to or just to reduce utility costs, etc. ... particularly in "fast foreclosure" states like Texas and Georgia.
Q: What if I have questions about a deal I'm working on and I'm not signed up for your Mentoring and Unlimited Email Hotline program?

A: We certainly appreciate all questions and we LOVE helping you through your questions, hurdles, and deals! Unfortunately, because of our significant commitment to our Mentoring students (we answer all questions within 24 hours), we're not really able to provide support to ALL of our subscribers and customers at this time. We would love for you to join the Mentoring program!

We sincerely wish we could help everyone, but we only have so much time in the day and we just can't provide the support required for everyone. We hope you understand.

If you have any questions about our Mentoring and Unlimited Email Hotline Program OR any of our other products you can Click HERE and go to our Training and Courses page.

Q: I can't get into the member areas of your website and I can't find a logon ... what's up?

A: The 'member site' SHOULD be automatically displayed to you when you go back to after you've signed up/registered the first time. There is NO password or logon required. The system keeps track of the fact that you have already signed up and are therefore a member. You should see a top menu with 'Home, News, Articles, Training & Courses, Resources, See Us Live, etc.

If you don't see this top menu, or you are taken to the sales page again, it's because you may have Cookies Disabled on your computer, or may have signed up on one computer and are now using a different one (ie work vs home computers). In this scenario simply click on the very top line that says:
Customer/Member Login (Existing customers/members please click here, to logon and skip to member-access website) ...and enter your email address to go to the members-only section.

Q: I normally do my mailings based on a county list. Can you just send me one of the
counties that you cover on your Report?
A:Unfortunately, we can't break our list down by county nor do we just send out a "partial"
list. Bankruptcy is a federal process so the bankruptcy court doesn't even gather county data from filers. 

We sort our list by City and Zip, which easily serves the purposes of our subscribers. Most have good knowledge of the area where they want to invest (either by City or Zip) and just delete the remaining leads before they plug it into their mail merge or other direct marketing system.

Q: This may be a legal question, but how would you suggest informing potential leads that I am a Licensed Realtor?
A: There are a couple of ways to deal with this issue.  One of our subscribers ends his marketing piece as follows: "I am not an attorney, but by law I must inform you that I am a licensed real estate agent. However, I do not want to list your house for sale, nor do I want to represent you in a real estate transaction. I simply want to buy your house."

Another approach (if it suits your purposes) is to use the fact that you can wear either hat as a positive for the homeowner ... you could be a Buyer OR Listing Agent. By making it a positive in your marketing piece, you may find that you attract more responses. Of course, you may want to check with your local Board of Realtors or your Broker to make sure you are doing what is legally required.

Q: Are there any instructions on how to mail merge from the Excel spreadsheet to labels?
A: Unfortunately, no. There are so many different editions and systems out there that any suggestions we make are likely to cause more confusion than anything else. The good news is that if you know someone/anyone who is slightly familiar with Word and Excel, they should be able to get your system set up for you. Of course, once the task is completed, then each mailing is a "piece of cake!" You just drop in your new list and you're all set!
Q: I can't get the CDs and DVDs in your product to work! HELP!
A:There is some variety in our product and what type of equipment should best be utilized.
Here's a rundown and full clarification of the disks in our "Power Player

(1) The blue CD called “Appendix A, B, C, D” is a text CD with each Appendix in a .pdf file. It can be read on your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

(2) The blue CD called "Quick Start Guide Document Disc” is also a text CD, but it comes to you in various Word files so you can edit and use the documents in your deals! It is designed to be read on your computer with Microsoft Word.

(3) The two blue CDs called “Seminar, Part I” and “Seminar, Part II” are both audio CDs (.cda files) that can be played in your regular music CD player, car CD player, or computer drive with Windows Media Player or similar application.

(4) The two red CDs are audio CDs (.cda files) that can be played in your regular music CD player, car CD player, or computer drive with Windows Media Player or similar application.

(5) The two purple DVDs called “The Live Seminar, Part I” and “The Live Seminar, Part II” are audio/video recordings of a live seminar and are designed to be played in your DVD player ... either the one you use for playing movies on your TV and/or your computer (if it has DVD capability).

(6) The four green CDs in the individual case are only designed to be played in your computer as they are video recordings (.wmv files) of our computer screen with audio voice-over. In these CDs, we “walk and talk” you through the process of learning about and utilizing the public bankruptcy records. They are designed to be viewed using Windows Media Player or similar application.

Q: What should I do if I need to return my course?  

A: Post-Bankruptcy Return Policy
- Returned items must be in resalable condition with forms and CDs in like new condition.
No Exceptions.
- Returned items must be sent back and received by us within 30 days from date of purchase.
- Returns must have a copy of sales receipt in box.
- Please email us at for authorization and to obtain the
appropriate shipping address for returning the product.
- Once you have obtained return authorization, your product must be received within 7 days of
the authorization being issued or it will be refused.
- All products should be sent back in a way that is traceable and we recommend you insure the
product. We are not responsible for lost or damaged product during shipping.
- No refunds are issued until product has been checked in at our fulfillment facility. At that time, promoter/seller will be notified of credit due.



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