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Are you tired of fighting for the same old FSBOs, MLS listings,
and foreclosures? Are you wishing you could be on the front end of
a NEW tidal wave in real estate investing? Do you dream of finding
a niche market that most investors are too intimidated to explore?


Well, search no more! That's exactly what we have for you!


Hear, "straight from the horse's mouth," what two of our students have to say ...

You're about to learn the magic of finding little-known, hand selected Post-Bankruptcy leads -- highly motivated sellers that no one else markets to. These are NOT bankruptcy filings, they are homeowners that are losing their bankruptcy protection!

Here's the 30-second version of what our Post-Bankruptcy Report is...

We go into the public bankruptcy records and dig and dig and dig. We do the work that you don't have the time, desire, or experience to do!
When we're digging, we're looking for a number of different "red flags" that tell us someone in bankruptcy is NOT keeping their promises to the Bankruptcy Court... we call them "problem children!"
We know if they're not keeping their promises, then at least 90% of the time, they are either already in the process of losing their bankruptcy protection or will SOON be in that process.
This makes them EXTREMELY motivated sellers! As a bonus, it also means their mortgage companies are EXTREMELY motivated because they've been draaaaagged through the legal process for potentially a long time ... which is really nice if a short sale is necessary!
Just to clarify, we DO NOT include people on our list who have just FILED their bankruptcy. We don't believe "new filers" are motivated AT ALL. In fact, they are typically breathing a sigh of relief because they have just secured the protection of the court from their creditors.
Depending on the market area, we average 700 - 1,200 new names and addresses each month. Best of all, when someone shows up on our list, it's typically two to four months BEFORE they show up on a foreclosure list. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits of our service is that you have a BIG jump on all the folks marketing to foreclosures!

Our Subscribers RAVE about their results from the Post-Bankruptcy Report!

"Amazing!  I bought a house "subject to" from your list.  Even though I had to bring the mortgage current, I knew it was a great deal with TONS of equity.  The seller just wanted out and wanted out FAST.  The house needed a complete renovation (which I didn't want to do), so I sold it to a renovator/investor as-is and  made $52,000... that's NET PROFIT!

-- George R. [new, 1st year investor]


Chill out. Relax. Now you can work smarter, not harder, with your
new Post-Bankruptcy deals!

**Please note: The Post-Bankruptcy Report is NOT your normal, run-of-the-mill list that every investor and his brother are already mailing to. It took us several expert bankruptcy attorneys and some lengthy conversations with them to figure out this unique niche of sellers that are getting "booted out of bankruptcy." 

Frankly, there are plenty of leads for everyone, so now you can get the same amazing results as our successful subscribers! Click here to learn more about buying Post-Bankruptcy Report houses.

Are you wondering who we are and how we got into this wonderful bankruptcy niche? Click here for information on Mark and Caryn.


" I did my first short-sale deal from your list! It was a big, brick suburban beauty worth $330,000. The original mortgage was $220,000, but after months in and out of bankruptcy, the balance due was over $285,000. The bank accepted my offer of $257,000. The house only needed cosmetic fix-up (paint, carpet, hardwoods refinished). I spent $15,000, sold the house for $319,000 in less than a month, profited an easy $47,000. Keep sending that list! "

-- Martha R, Atlanta, GA [new, 1st year investor]


Let's take a close look at all the benefits you get with your subscription:

  An awesome list of highly motivated sellers... every month... that no one else knows about!
  Therefore, you have an abundance of time to work with homeowners to buy their homes. You will be able to buy homes with equity, purchase homes subject-to the existing mortgage or negotiate with mortgage companies for a short-sale.
  Depending on your market area, you'll get approximately 700 - 1,200 new leads each month.
  The Report comes to you in an Excel® spreadsheet format, so it's easy to Mail Merge into your marketing letter or post card.
  These leads are a much higher quality than the overworked, over-marketed foreclosures. If you take advantage of what we can do for you, you will be one of the few that know about these leads AND know what to do with them!
  Of course, these leads are also better than realtor listings, since everyone has access to listings and many realtors aren't exactly investor friendly.

Still not convinced what a wonderful niche market you will find with the Post-Bankruptcy Report? Then click here to read more about "Why Bankruptcies" and the Six Myths of Investing in Bankruptcies!

OK. OK. No more trying to convince you.

Either you want a new and different source of high quality leads, from the pond that no one else is fishing in, or you don't. If you're happy with the results you're getting, and how hard you're working for those results, then you can leave now. But if you're still reading this, then we want to take away ANY doubt you may have.


"Mark and Caryn, I just thought I should let you know some of the details about the first deal I completed from you list. The owner called me from the letter I sent him and when I went over to meet with him he deeded me the house. It was just that simple, he just deeded it over to me! 

He was approximately $10k behind in payments but the house was in very good condition and all I did was clean the carpets once the owner moved out. Within three weeks of advertising and putting out signs I was able to get a contract on the house (for a straight purchase) and we closed approximately 40 days later - ALL before the foreclosure sale had been scheduled. I made a neat little $23,000 profit but the REALLY cool thing was I did everything for the cost of a few signs, an ad in the newspaper, and $85 to have the carpets cleaned!!! Oh yeah, and the cost of an envelope and stamp!!!

-- Pauleen H. [intermediate investor]

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We'll give you a 30-day trial subscription... a full boatload of real up-to-date post-bankruptcy leads for a measly $3.99! That's right, you can try them yourself and keep all the profit for yourself.

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE: "I understand that if I'm not thoroughly convinced that the Post Bankruptcy Report leads are the smartest investment I've ever made to increase my investing deals and profits, then I can cancel the service with no further obligations or commitments."


" Thanks guys (and gals)! I just closed on my new house (that I'm actually going to live in) and what a deal I was able to get. The first and second mortgages totaled more than $350,000 but after negotiating with the mortgage companies I was able to purchase the second mortgage with an $80k discount and I got the first to agree to a short sale with a $30k discount - for an incredible total of $110,000 in discounts!!!!! In all we paid about $240,000 for the house. We're in the process of doing about $20k in fix-ups but the house has already appraised at $350,000. Our loan is in-process and we're pulling out over $80,000 of the equity in a home equity line of credit - money we're going to use to finance some more deals from your list. We can't thank you enough, the list is a goldmine!!!"

-- Steven R., Alpharetta, GA [new investor]


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" My total cost to mail your list, including everything except the cost of my time, was just under 50¢ per person contacted. Those costs include the list, postcards, stamps, ink cartridges and labels. In less than three weeks, my phone has rung so many times I have as many deals as I can realistically and effectively work on. As more come in (which they will), I’ll have to start being more selective on what deals I want to pursue. At this rate, I’ll probably even have to cut back on the amount of mailers I send out, only sending to those areas of town I want to farm. 

I’ve also seen a very broad range of houses, including everything from potential Section 8 rehab/rentals up to $300K pretty houses. Within about ten days from having received my first list, I already had my first deed on a very nice $280K house that needs absolutely no work. I have about five other active prospects I’m working and expect at least two of those to deed over. One each month is great money - three a month is Candyland! "

-- Steve F., Alpharetta [intermediate investor]

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